Korea Maritime & Ocean University: University of Maritime and Industry-Academic Agreement to Foster Talents for Offshore Plants

The University of Maritime Affairs ( Dean Yoo-Taek Kim ) signed an “Industry-University Cooperation Agreement for Fostering Talents for Offshore Plants” with Sulmara, a British undersea exploration technology company, and Next Engineering , a domestic engineering company . Offshore plant refers to equipment that explores , drills , excavates , and produces oil and gas buried in the seabed .

The signing ceremony held in the webinar room of the University of Maritime Affairs on the 14th was attended by major university officials, including Dean Yoo-taek Kim , Dean Ik -soon Cho , and Professor Ji – woong Lee and Jin-ah Jung of the Department of Institutional Systems Engineering . In Next Engineering , Manager Kim Min-soo joined on behalf of CEO Kim Cheol-hwan, who graduated from the Maritime College (55th class ) .

The agreement was concluded with a focus on cooperation in offshore plant and wind power industry technology development . In the future, the three institutions will actively cooperate in mutual education and training and, at the same time, prepare an employment-linked internship program to nurture talents for shipbuilding equipment and materials .

In addition, these institutions plan to expand the internship program according to future project performance, and to link some outstanding students to employment .

The significance of this agreement is great in that it promotes industry growth and fosters future generations . In particular, it is expected to contribute to the overall development of the industry in the future as the agreement includes the agreement to check current issues and find a way for the maritime industry through mutual information exchange .

Minsu Kim , Head of Next Engineering , said , “ Thanks to Korea Maritime University, which is producing excellent human resources, today’s agreement was made possible .

Kim Yoo-taek, dean of the Maritime College, said, “ I would like to thank the officials of both institutions for opening the door so that our students can smoothly advance into fields with their strengths . ” did _

Meanwhile , Sulmara is a UK-based company that is demonstrating high-level technology in offshore plants and offshore wind power fields, such as producing its own offshore drones .

Next Engineering is supplying marine diesel engine related services to related companies, and is also working hard to collaborate with educational institutions by developing engine simulators for education .