Korea Maritime University: Selected as’The Best Department for Development Plan Performance Evaluation’ by the Institute of Teaching and Learning Development

Our universities ‘ colleges term development planning and evaluation , selection of teaching and learning as the best department in the Institute , a plaque with the injury last month, 26 university headquarters one third was awarded in the sitting room floor general .

The university’s mid- to long-term development plan performance evaluation has been conducted semester-by-semester from 2019 under the supervision of the Planning and Evaluation Division, and this year’s first ‘2020 Annual Performance Evaluation ‘ awards the best departments in all fields, emphasizing the importance of pursuing development planning tasks .

Teaching and Learning Institute is ” Learning Learning Competency Management System Enhanced ‘ challenge to the 2020 years systematically Program Expanded Type developing learning support programs (5 dogs → 13 dogs ), Expanded Program number (8 dogs → 44 dogs ), student participation may expand ( 245 people → 2,861 people ) achieved a performance of such .

In addition , it contributed to the realization of the talent image of our university and enhancement of university adaptation by designing and spreading customized learning programs for each department , grade, and academic achievement , and reinforcing the feedback system through the analysis of the evaluation results for each program .

Dodeokhui General ” Last year, Corona 19 face-to-face lessons into non-significant efforts were the Institute of teaching and learning in an expanded condition ,” said , ” We wish the best to the development plan projects promoting haejugil contribute to the development of the University ,” he said .

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