Korea University hosts student club fair

A student club fair took place on the campus of Korea University, thawing the icy coldness from the winter and welcoming the spring. Student clubs, where students share common interests in different fields such as art, sports, and culture, are a driver of students’ campus life. On the first day of the fair, we visited the venue and met students who were enthused by the variety of student clubs and their activities.

“The charm of Jazz is the greater freedom it has than other genres. Playing but not strictly following the original melody adds more unique characteristics to the performance.” Jazz Student Club JASS

“Poongmul-pae takes the lead in the parade every year at the Ko-Yon Games and during the event held on April 18. It feels most rewarding that we can participate in those big campus events as a leading club.” Korea University Nongak Club

“We organize a shooting challenge event with the aim of giving everyone a chance to touch a basketball at least once.” Basketball Student Club KUTIME