Korea University: Korea University and LG Chem take a big step toward realizing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) together

Korea University and LG Chem signed an MOU for cooperation in research and human resource development in a ceremony held at the Main Hall of Korea University on February 17 (Thursday) at 3 pm.

Under the MOU, the two entities will join forces to research biodegradable plastic materials, high-efficiency waste plastic recycling processes, and next-generation battery materials. The focus will be on developing eco-friendly source technologies using natural materials, such as plastic materials that are biodegradable in the ocean.

For this purpose, the LG Chem-Korea University Eco-Friendly Materials Industry-Academic Cooperation Center will be opened in the College of Engineering to boost cooperation in industry-academic collaboration tasks, the selection of students for industry-academic scholarships, and degree program operation.

KU has appointed LG Chem as a KU Crimson Company for closer industry-academic cooperation. KU’s LG Chem-Korea University Eco-Friendly Materials Industry-Academic Cooperation Center will take charge of the joint efforts on research and technology exchange.

KU’s unique family company policy, the KU Crimson Company initiative, is a KU project aiming to provide the highest level of industry-academic cooperation support for companies involved under the slogan of “a company that advances in technology together with KU.” In this project, KU will cooperate closely for industry-academic tasks to solve challenging technological issues, jointly develop and transfer future technologies, and provide customized industry training programs alongside companies with unrivaled technical expertise.

Currently, Korea University has 40 KU Crimson Companies, and it partners with them to create models of a research-oriented university’s cooperation with business to provide optimal and tailored solutions meeting the needs of companies on the ground.

At the ceremony, KU President Chung Jin Taek said, “Today is a momentous day for us to sign a research cooperation MOU with LG Chem and to welcome the company as a KU Crimson Company, a member of the KU community. We hope that the opening of the industry-academic cooperation center will serve as an opportunity for mutual growth and ramping up exchanges between the two parties.”

Shin Hak-cheol, Vice Chairman of LG Chem, said, “It is a very significant milestone that a company and a school have joined forces to develop eco-friendly technologies for a better future for our society. We will do our best in researching eco-friendly materials and nurturing talent to develop innovative sustainable technologies that will make our customers’ lives better.”

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