Korea University: Korea University is actively conducting virtual cultural exchanges with students from all over the world

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Korea University is promoting Korea University’s passionate cheering culture and the Joseon Dynasty national treasures owned by the Korea University Museum to foreign students around the world through virtual cultural exchanges as part of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities Virtual Student Exchange (APRU VSE).

On November 26, 2021, foreign students participating in the APRU VSE watched a video introducing Korea University’s unique and passionate cheering culture in a program called Tiger Pride. They compared Korea University’s cheering history, cheering songs and choreography with the cheering cultures at their respective schools, triggering a lively discussion on cheering culture.

A total of 36 students, including international students from APRU member schools and Korea University students, participated in this program, and more than 73% of them responded that they were “very satisfied” with the program, showing a high interest in Korean culture and Korea University’s unique culture of cheering.

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