Korea University: Onther donates 1.75 bn won to foster blockchain talent

Korea University held the ‘Onther Graduate School of Cybersecurity Development Fund and Scholarship Donation Agreement Ceremony’ on February 22 (Tuesday) at 3 pm in its main building.

In January this year, Korea University and Onther signed an agreement to foster blockchain experts in the KU Graduate School of Cybersecurity. Onther, a blockchain R&D tech firm, agreed to donate 1.75 bn won in total, 350 million won a year over the next five years, to the graduate school as a development fund and scholarship, and to provide the full tuition of ten students in the department for five years. Korea University agreed to establish the ‘Onther Blockchain Department’ in its Graduate School of Cybersecurity.

The “Onther Blockchain Department” starts accepting 10 students from April and opens in September. Students will study four major subjects: computer science, networking, cybersecurity, and blockchains. For blockchains, Onther’s key developers will give lectures to disseminate their blockchain knowledge and practical skills and experience.

The students admitted to the department are given a full scholarship for two years. From the second year of the master’s program, they can learn theory and hands-on practice together, working as a blockchain programmer at the ‘Onther Korea University Hub Office’ to be established near the university. After earning a master’s degree, the students will work as developers at Onther for at least two years.

KU President Chung said, “Since its inception in 2000 as the world’s first graduate school specializing in cybersecurity, the Graduate School of Cybersecurity has become one of the best cybersecurity schools globally, having taken the initiative to develop a safe knowledge information society over the past two decades. The school has educated outstanding professionals with high-level cybersecurity expertise and high-level research and practical skills. Students in the program will become tomorrow’s world-class blockchain experts in key blockchain technologies and cybersecurity capabilities.”

Onther CEO Shim Jun-sik said, “I am glad to see a new chapter opening in industry-academic cooperation to nurture and hire blockchain experts from a long-term perspective. The blockchain talent graduating from Korea University will contribute to developing Korea’s blockchain ecosystem and Onther’s blockchain technology capabilities.”

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