Korea University: Outgoing Student Exchange Program Experiences Unexpected Boom

Despite ongoing disruptions in available programs and international travel, KU’s outgoing student exchange program received its largest-ever participation rate for the upcoming fall 2022 semester. Typically KU’s semester-based student exchange programs send out 300 to 400 students each semester, but the latest recruitment round for the fall 2022 semester garnered 577 applications with 499 participants selected.

There are many reasons for this unexpected increase in popularity,” says Mr. Seung-Hyun Yang, Manager of Exchange and Study Abroad Programs. “Certainly built-up demand for the program, due to the inability to travel over the past two years, has affected participation rates, but KU has also made many new key student exchange partnerships over the last year as well.”

These new partnerships referred to include a system-wide student exchange program with the consistently popular University of California system, as well as additional opportunities in Canada and Europe.

“Also, we simplified the application process and now provide one-to-one student counselling sessions, which have made the process less onerous for students while answering many of their initial questions and concerns about study abroad,” concluded Mr. Yang.

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