Korea University: The Launch of a New Donation Paradigm, KU becomes the first institution in Korea to hold a cryptocurrency donation agreement ceremony

KU is the first Korean university to hold an agreement ceremony for the donation of cryptocurrency to its development fund. This came about because the global game company WeMade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk) decided to contribute KRW 1 billion worth of cryptocurrency (WEMIX) to KU for this purpose.

KU and WeMade signed an agreement on the WEMIX cryptocurrency donation on Tuesday, January 25 at KU’s Main Building. WeMade decided on the donation in order to support future education research and academic activities related to blockchain technologies at KU.

WEMIX is a blockchain-based game ecosystem that functions as an exchange platform for wallets, digital assets, marketplaces, and game items. The WEMIX token is the cryptocurrency that is used within this ecosystem, and it is listed on major domestic and foreign cryptocurrency exchanges.

President Chung said, “As a leading university in the field of blockchain in Korea, KU established the Blockchain Research Institute and the Cryptocurrency Research Center, and has been at the forefront of research on blockchain through programs worth KRW 20 billion to this point. Moreover, it has also been active in applying new blockchain technologies in practical ways, such as the introduction for the first time of a blockchain-based mobile student ID. I am grateful to WeMade for introducing a new paradigm in the game industry by constructing a global open platform that connects games and blockchains, thereby allowing KU to launch a new chapter in our university donation culture through accepting a new type of donation.”

Chang replied, “By donating WEMIX to a university for the first time in Korea, we were able to bring cryptocurrency to the next level. We hope that our donation will contribute to fostering creative professionals in global technologies at KU who possess a spirit of challenge.”

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