Korea University: Visit to KU Campus Remodeling Sites Imbued with Humanity

A ceremony was held to celebrate the recent completion of a working environment enhancement project for the General Affairs Department, whose staff members are always working hard here and there on campus while receiving little recognition for their efforts.

The enhancement project covered three offices affiliated with the Department: the Campus Affairs Support Office, Vehicular Support Office, and Carpentry Office. The Campus Affairs Support Office was established for university employees who start their cleaning jobs early in the morning to make the campus a more pleasant environment for students. The Vehicular Support Office is a dedicated spot for drivers of business vehicles for campus staff members, and the Carpentry Office is for in-house carpenters who complete repair work across the entire campus with a limited number of personnel. All three offices were built in 1996 and were in need of refurbishment, hence the university enhancement project to transform them into pleasant and comfortable places. By upgrading these old working environments, the university aimed to improve the job satisfaction of university workers, as well as their rest areas.

KU President Chung Jin Taek took a special interest in the project. President Chung always expresses his gratitude to the members of the General Affairs Department for their hard work and dedication, especially for whenever the university hosts major events. He had thus been working to provide them a better environment in many ways, including this refurbishing project.

At the ceremony that took place on March 29, President Chung promised continuous support from the university. “I hope through this enhancement project the members of the Department, especially senior members, can take their breaks in a pleasant environment. After recharging yourselves with new energy, I sincerely ask you to put it to use for the university. I will not cease to provide multi-faceted support for all university staff members while maintaining the KU value and culture in which respect and cooperation are encouraged.”

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