KPMG in India and Analytics Vidhya Educon Pvt. Ltd collaborate to address the ever-evolving data science talent requirements of the Industry

New Delhi: Data Science, Machine Learning (ML) and AI have been ranked as some of the most promising professions in the world, and the demand for data practitioners is booming. KPMG in India, a leading professional services firm has entered into an alliance with Analytics Vidhya, one of the world’s leading data science community and knowledge portals to deliver a range of virtual sessions on multiple data science tools and technologies.

As per KPMG’s India CEO Outlook 2019 Report, 89 percent of CEOs in India agree that data scientists are the most effective group of their workforce, among all other categories. With more advanced predictive analytic tools and technological innovations in the future, CEOs in India should be able to strike a good balance and combine data-driven analytics with their intuitions to identify new growth opportunities.

This indicates that organisations are heavily focusing on building and nurturing talent for data science and AI, as most of these future-oriented skills are in short supply and high demand. Therefore, KPMG in India and Analytics Vidhya would be together launching various courses that will be designed for working professionals and students who aspire for Data Science, Machine Learning and AI careers. KPMG in India will conduct industry-oriented sessions on data science & machine learning that would include industry /function specific use cases.

“Data Science technologies can give organisations the ability to fully capitalise on the use of the data they generate every day around them. We are thrilled to collaborate with Analytics Vidhya, where we will jointly offer learning programmes that are a mix of Business and Data/AI technologies. This will be a differentiated offering as KPMG in India brings a strong practitioner’s view on how some of these technologies are getting adopted and impacting business growth, efficiencies and risks. With the combined skillsets of both – business and technology, one is well positioned for lucrative work opportunities,” said Sachin Arora, Partner, IT Advisory, KPMG in India.

“I am very excited to announce our collaboration with KPMG in India. Data Science and Data Engineering are the fastest growing technologies today and our collaboration with KPMG in India would take us a step forward in building the next-generation data science ecosystem in India. Through this collaboration, we will be able to offer highly industry-relevant content and best industry practices to our community and data science professionals across the globe.” said Kunal Jain, Founder and CEO, Analytics Vidhya.

Analytics Vidhya brings the power of a community that comprises of data practitioners, thought leaders and corporates leveraging data to generate value for their businesses. Learners can access industry-relevant content and resources developed by experts, participate in hackathons, master skills with latest data science problems and showcase their skills to the world. Besides, Analytics Vidhya will provide job assistance on resume building, mock interviews, interaction with experts and primary access to job portals.

To begin with, we are launching Ascend Pro – Mastering Data Science for the Industry. This training program will offer a diverse spectrum of topics and industry use cases across big data engineering, data science and machine learning. The curriculum would include deep dives into tools, live projects, sessions with KPMG in India experts, hackathons and capstone projects.

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