Krea University announces partnership with Inspirit, Virtual Reality Design Firm

Chennai: How would you like to learn about Emperor Akbar walking through Fatehpur Sikri or exploring environmental concerns trekking through the Himalayas? Thanks to Virtual Reality, classes at Krea will be immersive, allowing for each student to experience knowledge at its most personal level. Krea University and Inspirit have announced a formal agreement today to reimagine the learning experience for Krea University’s undergraduate students using virtual reality (VR) technologies as part of the new Media Laboratory at the Sri City campus.

Inspirit’s prior work in formal and informal educational environments has shown that highly-immersive VR experiences, when designed and deployed the right way, can greatly improve learning outcomes & foster inquiry-based learning. With active student involvement and participation, starting August 2019, KREA and Inspirit envision augmenting as many first-year core and skill courses by providing multi-perspective VR experiences and connecting with narratives, from social justice to mathematics.

The Media Lab at Krea University will provide a space for students to encounter the unlimited possibilities of visualization and spatial design. The Lab will introduce students to the concepts and practices of composition, be it sculpting light for still photography or staging action for motion picture mages. Sound-scaping, recording and mixing will allow students to jam and play with music and effects to tell new stories. Along with cutting-edge VR and AR hardware and software platforms to combine sounds and images they can visualize almost anything that they can dream of.

Krea University, backed by some of the exceptional minds and thought leaders from India and abroad, has a vision to facilitate individuals with great potential to learn, grow and create a dynamic impact in a diverse world. It will offer 3-year residential B.A. (Hons.) and B.Sc. (Hons.) degrees across several disciplines, with strong foundation skills in analytical thinking, ethics, quantitative reasoning and communication.