Krea University Launches One-year Diploma Program in Advanced Finance and Analytics for Working Professionals, Co-Designed by Northeastern University

Chennai— Krea University today announced the launch of its online, one-year Diploma program in Advanced Finance and Analytics (DAFA) for working professionals, in collaboration with Northeastern University, United States of America.

For decades, the Institute for Financial and Management Research (IFMR) and IFMR-Graduate School of Business (IFMR GSB) at Krea University, have been synonymous with enabling professionals to pursue their MBA program or undertake work-integrated programs in Finance and other disciplines of management. By joining hands with the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University, the two institutions of repute have curated a robust, aspirational program at the intersection of finance, technology and data—a growing need for working professionals seeking to advance their careers in new-age fintech, quant and analytics areas.

The 320-hour program will be delivered by academicians and practitioners from around the world using multi-modal and interactive learning methods. The program will enable professionals from a broad range of roles in finance, consulting and technology to visualize and build models using analytical techniques, evaluate analytical models and tools for decision making, validate sophisticated risk and pricing models for financial engineering and quantitative risk management, understand fintech disruption across multiple industries and apply fintech tools and models to solve real-world business challenges, to name a few. Professionals will gain competencies and skills through immersive case examples, hands-on applications, simulation techniques and tools.

“This unique collaboration is driven by our combined emphasis on experiential learning pedagogies and long traditions of deep research in finance and economics, as well as engagement with the corporate world,” said Dr. Emery Trahan, Interim Dean and Professor of Finance at D’Amore-McKim. “Reskilling and upskilling will be an ongoing global trend, and professionals will need to adapt and embrace the evolving finance industry. Together, we have designed a robust, rigorous, and experiential program that will help finance professionals adapt to the evolving needs of their business, as well as those of the technology sector, using their new multi-disciplinary knowledge.”

“Next-generation financial services driven by digital technologies are disrupting the global financial landscape,” said Mr Ramkumar Ramamoorthy, Pro-Vice Chancellor – Professional Learning at Krea University. “The DAFA program jointly curated by leading academicians and practitioners will help shape a generation of professionals and address the acute skill gap globally. It will also help a large canvas of stakeholders—including governments, corporations and individuals—address some of the most compelling issues in finance spanning inclusion, security, risk management, governance and trust.”


About Krea University

Krea University, with a pioneering approach of Interwoven learning is located in Sri City, 55 kms north of Chennai. Instituted by a team of global academicians, business leaders and scholars with a vision for the 21st Century and beyond, Krea is an effort to re-imagine the education system, aiming to enable students to become agile, ethical and purposeful leaders in this fast-changing world.  Krea University currently houses two Schools. The School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences currently offers a 3-year B.A. (Honours) & B.Sc. (Honours) degrees, with an option to do an additional year i.e. fourth year of Advanced Studies. IFMR- Graduate School of Business offers PhD, MBA and customised Management Development Programmes.