KRINPO PetrSU has opened training on advanced training programs

Under the auspices of the federal project “Promotion of Employment” in the Republic of Karelia, KRINPO PetrSU has opened training on advanced training programs
Today in Petrozavodsk the first of a series of advanced training programs has been launched within the framework of the implementation in the Republic of Karelia of the federal project “Promotion of Employment” of the National Project “Demography”.

A group of 15 listeners from Petrozavodsk, Kostomuksha urban districts, Sortavalsky, Kemsky, Medvezhyegorsky, Muezersky municipal districts, started training under the advanced training program “HR administration and legal support of personnel work.”

The regional operator, the Karelian Regional Institute of Continuing Professional Education (KRINPO) of Petrozavodsk State University, provided its educational platform.

The following categories of citizens have the right to free education within the framework of the federal project “Promotion of Employment”: citizens seeking work and applying to the employment services, including the unemployed; people of pre-retirement age and over 50; women on parental leave under 3 years old, as well as non-working women with preschool children.

On June 28, it is planned to start training under the “Start Your Own Successful Business” training program, aimed at citizens planning to start their own business. During the training, novice entrepreneurs will learn about the main stages of the life cycle of a business project, study the organizational and legal forms of doing business and the peculiarities of accounting and taxation in small enterprises, get acquainted with marketing and advertising strategies, with the support of experienced business trainers, develop their own business plans.

By the end of the year, it is planned to launch training in other advanced training programs, a complete list of which, indicating the approximate dates, is available on the website .

You can familiarize yourself with the terms of participation in educational programs held within the framework of the federal project “Promotion of Employment” of the National Project “Demography”, as well as apply for training through the portal “Work in Russia” at the link .

Training in new competencies and specialties of the above socially vulnerable categories of citizens helps them to acquire new professional knowledge and skills, find a job in the labor market, and feel more confident in it. It should be reminded that training of special categories of citizens within the framework of the federal project “Promotion of employment” of the national project “Demography” is one of the measures taken by the Government of the Russian Federation to fulfill the task set by Russian President Vladimir Putin: by the end of the year, return the employment level to pre-pandemic levels.

We add that 6700 vacancies are now open in Karelia. The Department of Labor and Employment of the Republic of Karelia, based on the personnel forecast and proposals of employers, approved the TOP-Region of popular and promising professions, which includes more than 50 positions, including drivers of road and construction forestry equipment, an adjuster of processing centers with numerical control, an operator of machine tools with CNC, gas equipment operation and repair locksmith, car repair and maintenance locksmith, manual and partially mechanized welder, shipbuilder-ship repairman of metal ships and others. A complete list can be found here .


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