KSG to Organize Grand Webinar to Facilitate & Support UPSC Aspirants

New Delhi: After the resounding success achieved in the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) 2019 with 14 out of 20 top rankers, KSG IAS in order to fulfill its conviction to facilitate and support aspirants from all over the country is organizing an interactive Grand Webinar at 3 pm on 13th September 2020 with Dr. A. R Khan, Founder & Director, KSG. This all India session chaired by Dr. Khan will encourage the students to ask their doubts related to various stages and preparation strategies for the UPSC Civil Services examination. Further, with the vision to provide transformative education in the diverse parts of the country, KSG is also launching their Online Learning Program (KOL) on 21st September 2020 for CSE 2020. KSG embark again on CSE 2020 journey with the intend to reproduce the same extraordinary performance of the students. You can visit ksgindia.com for more details and for registering for the Grand Webinar.

KSG is increasingly aware of and receptive to what aspirants require and aspire. Due to the structure and enormity of the exam, there are some fundamental issues which remain unanswered and generate a plethora of doubts. In order to facilitate and cultivate self-learning and self-enrichment, the Grand Webinar with Dr. Khan will try to clear all the doubts related to the process, structure and strategy for the examination. Through this Grand webinar, Dr. Khan will try to emphasize that cracking this examination needs a holistic approach which is based on self-examination and self-assessment along with personality development. Knowledge and personality cannot be built overnight or over a span of few weeks, therefore, the period after prelims is crucial for self-development.


An important armor of a civil services aspirant is to learn how to be tactful and judicious. In times of uncertainty and ambivalence an aspirant has to adapt to changing learning methods, structures and great diversity of teaching practices. KSG’s Online Learning Programme (KOL) is designed to provide aspirants with an effective, engaging and efficient learning structure where learning does not transpire at a predetermined time and place but is flexible temporally and spatially. Without diluting the qualitative content, the programme offers a well-designed blended learning programme which banks on an integrated mentorship programme, regular classes on current affairs, special tutorial classes, Prelims and Mains test series along with interactive personal sessions with Dr. Khan. Under the able guidance of Dr. Khan, the programme tries to impart transactional study with constructive personality development. The overall outcome of this bundled package is reflected each year in the result of CSE.


On this Dr. Khan, Founder & Director, KSG shared his perspective by saying, “As the world is gearing up to grasp the new normal , we consider that education of each student must be a priority in every sense. We believe that a customized and tech empowered offering in education like provided by KSG can genuinely stand out in after school coaching market.”


“Also by conducting webinar we look forward to provide a personalized touch and attention in solving the problems of the students and helping them in leading the way in right direction with right approach,” added Mr. Khan.


KSG IAS has now been established as an institute that is consistently associated with CSE Toppers. Their General studies courses, Answer writing skill development programme, personality test program, test series and the able guidance of Dr. Khan consistently figures in the views of CSE Topper. The various courses offered by KSG, have helped to magnify and strengthen the skills of the students which gave them a competitive edge in the CSE journey. While 2018 results had a clear 10/10 top Rankers, the year 2019 has again given KSG the proud opportunity to congratulate 14 out of 20 Top rankers including All India Ranks 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 in the Top 10. Their students have achieved highest marks in general studies in 3 of the last 5 examinations.


KSG IAS has been very confident about its array of strategies and initiatives. They have always believed in individual learning and instruction interface with exhaustive assessment followed by Feedback. Their Classroom students are made competitive each day with the daily assessment and augmentation of the answer writing skills. Student-Mentor relationship at KSG has seen new transformative definitions. The pedagogy has helped students achieve confidence and greater competitive spirit for this examination.