KU Leuven: Candidate rectors of KU Leuven announced

Professor Luc Sels and Professor Jan Tytgat are official candidates in the rector elections of KU Leuven. From April 19 to May 7, 2021, they can present their program during the KU Leuven election campaign. The first voting round will take place on 11 May. Due to the applicable corona measures, the KU Leuven community is voting online for the first time.

Rector elections are held every four years at KU Leuven. Until Wednesday, March 31, professors could officially apply to the chairman or the secretary of the Election Commission. This resulted in two candidates: professor and current rector Luc Sels and professor Jan Tytgat.

The election campaign will start on 19 April. The candidates are given the opportunity to present themselves and their program on the website of the rectorial election. The dates and location for any debates between the candidates will be announced in the coming weeks. Due to the current corona measures, it is already certain that the campaign will largely be conducted online this time.

Online voting on May 11
Voting will also take place online for the first time in the history of KU Leuven. The first voting round will take place on 11 May. Independent academic staff, teaching staff, assistants, researchers, administrative and technical staff and students can vote.

The candidate who obtains an absolute majority of the valid votes cast in the first round is elected, provided that 50% of the members of the independent academic staff have cast their vote.

If the first round does not result in a winner, a second and possibly third round will be organized on Tuesday May 18 and Tuesday May 25.

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