KU Leuven: Contact education remains possible, but with maximum online alternatives

KU Leuven is making further efforts to limit the number of physical contacts on campus. Face-to-face teaching remains possible, without established occupation limits, but teachers provide an online alternative for as many lessons and educational activities as possible. In this way, students who want or need it can also follow education on campus in the following weeks. The provision of streaming and lesson recordings already leads to a safe reduction of the number of students in many lectures.

The fourth corona wave is once again putting our healthcare and society under heavy pressure. In the coming weeks it is therefore essential to further reduce the number of physical contacts. KU Leuven therefore takes additional measures that also take the mental well-being of the students into account as much as possible. That is an absolute priority with the first exam period ahead. That is why the learning centers and libraries will also remain open, albeit with a somewhat limited staffing.

“We want to ensure that it is not necessary for students to physically attend education, but that there is an opportunity for those who do want to”, explains Rector Luc Sels. “That’s why we expect all teachers to stream their lessons and also make lesson recordings. We also encourage students to use it regularly. This way, students can choose for themselves: on campus or online, both in a safe way, with respect for everyone’s health.”

“We are convinced that well-ventilated auditoriums and classrooms, supplemented by the general mouth mask requirement, form a safe environment,” says Rector Sels. “We notice in various faculties that by offering streaming and recording, the physical presence of students in many lectures has already been greatly reduced on a voluntary basis. We therefore expect that these new decisions will further limit the physical presence and that we can thus finish the first semester in a safe way.”

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