KU Leuven: Institutional review praises KU Leuven for educational approach and quality culture

Every six years, all Flemish universities and colleges are assessed by an independent committee on the quality of their education. KU Leuven receives a very positive report from the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO) , which carries out the institutional review. In its final report, the internationally composed committee praises the strong focus on education at KU Leuven and points out that this is remarkable for a university that also invests so heavily in research.

“This positive report is a credit to the entire university. The committee commends our approach, which simultaneously focuses on high-quality education and rock-solid research. I would therefore like to thank all colleagues who give the best of themselves every day for this,” says Rector Luc Sels.

The committee points out that subsidiarity, autonomy and accountability are not empty concepts in KU Leuven’s approach to education.

“Quality is in the DNA of our entire organization,” explains Vice Rector Education Policy Tine Baelmans. “We give ownership to the programs themselves in order to expand the quality culture, while at the same time developing frameworks to coordinate the whole and support educational innovation. This open, group-dynamic approach within study programs and throughout the university is clearly bearing fruit.”

The institutional review also confirms that KU Leuven plays a pioneering role in many domains. The milestone system aimed at smoother study progress is now, for example, being imitated and anchored by decree all over Flanders. The committee encourages the university to continue to play that role.

But what pleases me most is that the committee also gives a special mention to our attention to the well-being of employees and students in the post-covid era.

– Rector Luc Sels