KU Leuven is conducting new disciplinary proceedings

The Giant Gum drama and the death of student Sanda Dia continue to touch us all deeply. No university disciplinary or court proceedings can undo his death and return Sanda. The procedures are important to many, both within and outside the university. KU Leuven understands that the recent media coverage raises questions about this, but emphasizes that the current disciplinary procedures have not yet been completed.

After inspection of the criminal file, KU Leuven conducted a new disciplinary investigation , in which it was established that the file contains various elements that the university did not have before. Subsequently, the university started new disciplinary proceedings on the basis of these elements against seven students who were involved in the facts and who are enrolled at the university today. These new disciplinary procedures only take into account new elements that have not been previously assessed. In 2019, KU Leuven already conducted a disciplinary investigation into the Giant’s baptism on December 5, 2018 in Vorselaar, which also led to disciplinary proceedings. Those previous proceedings were conducted on the basis of the information available at the time.

Current disciplinary proceedings have not yet been completed. Sanctions were imposed, but the students involved have lodged an appeal with the University’s Common Bureau. KU Leuven considers it important and hopes that the procedures can continue to run correctly and serenely during this phase. That is why the university is currently limiting itself to the above explanation.

In its disciplinary regulations, the university clearly sets out the behavior it expects from its students. The emphasis is on respect for the human person and society. Every student who enrolls at the university agrees to this principle. Anyone who does not adhere to this risks a sanction. The disciplinary regulations provide for five possible sanctions: the warning, the denial of the right to be present at official educational contact moments, the provisional suspension and / or temporary dismissal, the refusal to enroll and the definitive exclusion or dismissal.