KU Leuven: KU Leuven maintains educational approach at the start of the second semester

The first exam period is up to its last week. The exams are taking place for the first time during a rapidly increasing wave of contamination, but in general the consequences for KU Leuven have been limited. The dropout rate – due to COVID and other reasons – amounts to approximately two percent. That is more than in previous years, where it was usually one percent. The university was well prepared for this and has made more room for catch-up exams.

After the lesson-free week, the second semester will start on Monday 14 February. KU Leuven has opted to continue the approach of the first semester. This means that the university opts for face-to-face education, without fixed occupation limits. At the same time, teachers also provide an online alternative for as many lessons and educational activities as possible, via live streaming and/or recording. In this way, students can choose between online and on campus . Experience has shown that the occupancy rates are sufficiently curtailed as a result. From the second semester, it is also mandatory in all university buildings to wear a surgical mouth mask.

“The choice lies with the student: it is not necessary to physically attend the education, but the option is available for those who want to”, explains Rector Luc Sels. “This approach, based on freedom of choice, requires a lot of flexibility from our teachers and educational support staff, but can count on a lot of support from our students. We also ask the students to alternate sufficiently and to make use of both options. This way they have regular contact with each other and we still ensure that education on campus is safe.”

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