KU Leuven: KU Leuven sets up emergency fund and is ready to receive the first Ukrainian researchers and students

The war in Ukraine leaves no one untouched and also causes great concern at KU Leuven and a warm wave of solidarity. The university has set up an emergency fund that will be used for the employment, housing or mobility of Ukrainian students and researchers who are temporarily looking for safe accommodation at the university. The first contacts have since been made.

The first solidarity actions have also been launched at KU Leuven. For example, the university has set up an emergency fund for the reception of Ukrainian students and researchers who are looking for safe accommodation or for the necessary extension of residence for those who are already working or studying at KU Leuven. The university board has provided a starting amount, but invites everyone inside and outside the university to contribute as well. You can do this via the KU Leuven website .

“Belgium is also showing its great solidarity in this crisis. KU Leuven wants to work in addition to other initiatives and therefore focuses on the reception of scientists and students. We want to help preserve the academic knowledge and expertise that is present in Ukraine and that will be crucial for reconstruction. We do this by giving academics and students the opportunity to continue working or studying here”, explains Rector Luc Sels. “This fund is one of the steps we are taking and it provides a solid and necessary financial base. The world has shown solidarity with us when our university was in ruins, I now call on everyone to show that same solidarity when Ukrainian universities, academics and students need it. We have already provided start-up capital ourselves, with which concrete steps are currently being taken.”

In addition to positions that are financed with funds from the fund, the university is looking at what room there is for direct employment from funds from its research groups or services. Initially, there are of course various vacancies, but research groups also offer (temporary) employment for researchers on the run. Several Ukrainian researchers are already trying to get to Leuven. We will receive them and give them the opportunity to continue their work here. The university is approaching the partner universities from its European networks with a view to creating a single joint platform for the reception of Ukrainian university students.

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