KU Leuven: Pilot “KU Leuven Stuvo Arenberg” on the starting blocks

There are changes afoot at Student Services. From the start of the second semester, the new name of Student Facilities is “KU Leuven Stuvo”. At the same time, the pilot project “KU Leuven Stuvo Arenberg” will be launched, a local first-line operation, in which the student is central and supervisory actors from faculties and KU Leuven Stuvo work together.

Student facilities currently have many different names: KU Leuven student facilities, central services for students, student services, Stuvo… The start-up of the pilot project at Arenberg was the reason to consistently use one short name from now on: KU Leuven Stuvo , identical in Dutch and English. The name also gets a visual translation in a fresh logo. And what KU Leuven Stuvo does is captured in the baseline: “Info, advice & support” .

Close to the student
In order to be fully visible and accessible to all KU Leuven students, KU Leuven Stuvo is being completely redesigned. The organization wants to be even closer to the student in the future and is trying out a decentralized operation in Leuven . For example, a pilot project will start at the beginning of the second semester at Arenberg.

The start-up of the pilot project at Arenberg was the reason to consistently use one short name from now on: KU Leuven Stuvo

Inclusive and multidisciplinary
KU Leuven Stuvo Arenberg works inclusively and is aimed at all students of Arenberg, taking into account the diversity in the student population. Students will also be able to count on a multidisciplinary team that brings together the first-line services of KU Leuven Stuvo. Students can ask questions about life (eg living in a student flat, study costs, social-emotional well-being…) and about learning (study method, facilities related to a disability, work experience…), both in Dutch and in English.

The doctors, psychologists, legal service, the information point for third parties (landlords, employers) and support services will remain in the Van Dalecollege. They form the second line and the back office. Students who, for reasons of privacy, prefer to seek out a counselor outside the faculty, can still do so at the frontline services at the Van Dale College.

Being close to the student also means working close to the faculties. The Stuvo Arenberg team wants to work in close partnership with the faculties at Arenberg on an even stronger supervision continuum for students. In this way we prevent students from getting lost or falling through the net.

The pilot project at Arenberg is a testing ground for more future primary care activities in Leuven (subject to positive evaluation), in order to further shape local, inclusive, multidisciplinary and holistic work in practice.

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