KU Leuven: Science & Technology Group presents medal of honor to Françoise Chombar

On July 30, Françoise Chombar (°1962) retired as CEO of Melexis, the technology company she founded herself in 1989. She fulfilled that position with verve for seventeen years and thus played a decisive role in the expansion and success of the Flemish electronics industry. Her career has already been awarded both the Global Prize for Women Entrepreneurs and the ICT Personality of the Year in 2018 .

In addition, Chombar is also known as a champion and inspirer in the STEM domain ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics ). For example, she is chair of the STEM platform, the group of experts that advises the Flemish government. Françoise Chombar is also actively committed to improving diversity and inclusion in companies.

For these reasons, the Science & Technology Group is awarding, for the first time, a medal of honor to Françoise Chombar. This is an official recognition for external colleagues who have distinguished themselves academically or socially.

“With this medal we underline the leading role that Chombar has played in the development of the microelectronics industry in Belgium and Europe,” said Gerard Govers, Vice Rector of the Science & Technology Group. “In addition to her successful entrepreneurship, she has also been committed to motivating young people for a career in STEM for many years. A mission that we and our group naturally take to heart and actively propagate.”