Despite the corona measures, the exam results of the January exam period are in line with the results of the past academic years for this exam period. The generation students are even doing a little better. This does not detract from the fact that the current situation presents additional challenges for many students. KU Leuven therefore continues to strive for more safe education on campus.

In January, 44,552 students took more than 202,000 exams at KU Leuven. Despite the difficult circumstances of the past months, the students did just as well as other academic years. The bachelor students even did slightly better. Their average score was two percent higher than in previous years. “I am very proud of our students,” says Rector Luc Sels. “These are difficult times, especially for young people. That many of them still manage to find the discipline and focus needed for this exam period is impressive. “

There are also no signs that more students would drop out: the number of students who deregistered or did not take the exams is comparable to previous academic years.

Please note, this is an interim result. Only after the exams in June and September will it become clear how many students successfully complete the current phase of their training.

A taste of higher education in times of corona
For 7,988 of the students, it was the very first exam period in their higher education career. These generation students were unfortunately not yet able to taste a full student life. Yet two percent more students obtain a pass in all their courses.

“We are paying extra attention to the generation students,” says Vice Rector for Education Policy Tine Baelmans. “The transition to higher education is a very exciting, but also intense period in the life of a young adult. We are hopeful that this group is also doing relatively well. ”

“We are aware that these results are averages and that there is a different story behind every exam result,” emphasizes Rector Sels. “Based on this information, the faculties provide tailor-made support for each student.”

Fit in your head
Life at the university is of course much more than just studying. Rector Sels argued in an opinion piece last Monday for more contact education. KU Leuven tries to organize as many contact moments as possible on campus within the applicable corona restrictions.

In addition, there are also many initiatives for, with and by the students. They can chat with student advisers, study together in a ‘virtual library’ and the university also provides study places on campus. They can participate in resilience training that professionals and students set up together. There are also online activities that provide a connection, such as the ‘Mindmates Chillzone’ where about a thousand students currently meet. There is financial support for those who are struggling in this area due to corona and via an extensive online calendar , students can participate in many free information sessions, workshops and training courses, both on studying and mental and physical well-being. All this under the banner ‘At home at KU Leuven’ .

“We want to be close to and support our students,” says Vice Rector for Student Policy Hilde Feys. “Anyone who needs a listening ear can contact us and receive professional guidance if necessary.” The student representatives and student circles also put their best foot forward and organize numerous online activities for their fellow students.

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