Kutchina Foundation celebrates International Women’s Day across India

Kolkata: Kutchina Foundation, the CSR wing of kitchen appliance maker Kutchina, has taken their pledge to empower women change makers to a new level and aims to spread their support to newer horizons every year. This International Women’s Day, given the effort Kutchina Foundation has put forward since its inception, their women social change maker fellows under the titles Kutchina Krittika and KritiKanya are celebrating across different locations in India.
The Krittikas & KritiKanyas, have been working towards various social causes for the betterment of our society and Kutchina has so far been instrumental in lending the all needed support to these women and aims to reach out to more such women each year. Some of the areas these women have been working on are education of the children of red light areas, women trafficking, self-defense among women, promoting sports among women, social empowerment of Dalit women etc.
Kutchina Foundation has been relentlessly working throughout the year in imparting a more meaningful existence to all those women who wants to work for the betterment of the society but has limited means to do so.
Among the various Kutchina Krittikas and KritiKanyas, who has been supported by Kutchina Foundation, are Amreen from Rajasthan who is working on empowering hundreds of adolescent girls across rural Rajasthan and is also helping them in skill trainings, Smita from Bihar who is working in the interiors of her State with the women of the Mahadalit community against female violence, Bobby Maha to from Jharkhand who is a light of hope, a proud mother of two children, is dedicated in giving life skill education to rural children of her State. She also imparts livelihood training to women and mothers. Jessica Kerketta from Jharkand has been working relentlessly in preserving the local languages of her area along with imparting education to the underprivileged kids of remote villages of her State. Apurva from Maharashtra is an equal rights activist working with the youths of Mumbai in creating eco-friendly products and generating markets for them.

Sneha Haldar who is just about 10 years of age and comes from a very humble background is already a chess champion in West Bengal. She has been travelling across the whole country for various chess competitions and very soon will be participating in International platforms. Kutchina Foundation has been relentlessly supporting Sneha in realizing her dream under its KritiKanya initiative.

Mr. Namit Bajoria, Chairperson, Kutchina Foundation and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Macedonia said, “There has been an increasing consciousness regarding the status of women in our country. We believe in empowering women from every corners of our country which will give power to them to decide for their own lives and by inculcating such abilities in them so that they could be able to find their rightful place in the society.”