Kyushu U guidelines and restrictions responding to extension of COVID-19 state of emergency

On February 2, the national government announced the state of emergency in 10 prefectures, including Fukuoka, will be extended until March 7.In light of this announcement, Kyushu University guidance level stays at the same level 2: Restrictions (low). In case of any changes made on the extension period, the University will consider appropriate measures to take and give a further notice.

*Regarding the latest Kyushu U Guidance Level

A total of 12 new cases were reported at Kyushu University in the last week alone and it is strongly advisable to stay vigilant against COVID-19. Please continue to comply with the Kyushu U Guidance while taking thorough infection prevention measures such as wearing a mask, hand hygiene, and avoiding three Cs: Closed spaces, Crowded places, and Close contact settings.

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