Kyushu University: COVID-19 cluster case at Kyushu U and new requests from Fukuoka Prefecture

As announced earlier, there were COVID-19 infection cases that were recognized as a cluster at the university last week. Nine students in the same extracurricular activity group were infected in this cluster, and the other student was considered being infected by the same route. On top of that, six people have been found to be infected in the new semester so far, and we need to be vigilant about this infection status at all times.

The spread of infection, seen as the fourth wave, persists nationwide.
The number of confirmed cases has exceeded 100 in six consecutive days in Fukuoka Prefecture. In line with this, Fukuoka Prefecture requested prefectural residents yesterday to refrain from non-urgent outings effective April 20 and to shorten business hours of restaurants and bars effective April 22.

[Strengthening restrictions on activities at the university]
In response to these, Kyushu U will maintain its guidance level as “Level 1.5: Partial Restrictions,” and the university will strengthen the restrictions of activities from April 21 as follows. Refrain from going out unnecessarily

Refrain from traveling and taking up lodgings in groups
Thoroughly implement infection prevention measures when going out, and avoid going out to places where infection prevention measures are insufficient or getting involved in activities at high risk of infection. Also, refrain from going out if you have symptoms such as fever, etc.
Refrain from travelling and making business trips to prefectures where “Semi-Emergency Coronavirus Spread Prevention Measures” is in force. For areas where COVID-19 infections are rapidly spreading, reconsider the necessity of travel and consider holding conferences remotely.
Refrain from accepting unnecessary and urgent visits from areas where “Semi-Emergency Coronavirus Spread Prevention Measures” is in force, and consider holding meetings online and reconsider the necessity of meeting in-person when visitors are traveling from areas where COVID-19 infections are rapidly spreading.
Considering requests for businesses to shorten their hours and for people not to go out after 9:00 p.m., faculty and staff will, in principle, leave work on time and adjust their schedule so that overtime is not required. Supervisors and flextime workers are also expected to leave work early as long as it does not interfere with their work or educational and research activities.
Educational and research activities, as well as administrative work on campus after 9:00 p.m., will not be conducted unless specifically deemed necessary.
*Regarding the latest Kyushu U Guidance Level
To be announced on the Kyushu U website when it is ready.


“Voluntary restraint from traveling or taking up lodgings in groups,” this policy was set based on the cause of the cluster in December last year and this time.
If you are required to travel in a group due to implementation of assigned tasks, take all possible measures to prevent infection and avoid contact with each other as much as possible.
If a number of new infected cases or close contacts are reported to the attendees of in-person classes and the departments find it difficult to take adequate infection prevention measures, some designated students might have to attend classes remotely or be absent from classes for a specific period of time.
Ensure hand hygiene, wear a mask, and avoid the Three Cs
Eat and drink in a small group over a short amount of time, and refrain from talking as much as possible. When talking, be sure to wear a mask and avoid yelling. (The same applies to gatherings with meals at private homes, etc.).
To avoid the congestion of school cafeterias, prepare lunch in advance or use vacant classrooms.

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