Laksh Yadav, a leading name in FMCG and hospitality industry from the Sunshine group, invests in an EdTech initiative, IITian Chacha

After a successful tenure in Cocoberry, CEO Laksh Yadav is moving towards Education Technology and development through this investment.

New Delhi: Laksh Yadav, Director of the Strategic Advisor of the Sunshine group and the Chief Executive Officer of Cocoberry, a leading frozen yoghurt brand and an education enthusiast, joins hands for an Edtech initiative with the most reputed and successful brand, IITian Chacha by Dushyant Kumar, an educator, mentor, and chemistry expert, as an angel investor.


Headquartered in Noida, the brand of IITian Chacha by Mr. Dushyant Kumar, is one of the most reputed and best teachers of chemistry for JEE/NEET and has over 34 million views and over 4 lakh followers on Youtube. He also has more than 34 million watch minutes on Unacademy. He completed his education with a B.Tech from IIT-Roorkee and has mentored more than 20,000 students. For over 18 years, he has put his heart and soul into educating students. He believes in the replenishment of knowledge through imparting it to curious minds. Therefore, he decided to start working individually to contribute to the educational industry through his knowledge, skills, and hard work with conviction. He is famous for his quick-to-learn and easy-to-understand short tricks, tips, proactive attitude, and positive ways to stimulate and engage with people and students.


This investment will help IITian Chacha to grow bigger in terms of their technology, physical resources, facilities, administration and management requirements.


Laksh Yadav said of the investment and initiative, “Today, education reaches to one’s fingertips and I want to be a part of that development. To be able to reach a larger audience and be a part of the EdTech revolution.” As an entrepreneur and enthusiast, he believes in empowering the youth and providing them with resources for their development, and EdTech in the 21st century is the best way to go about it. He respects and values educational development and wants to bring about a change in society.


“I am thrilled and welcome Laksh on this journey. EdTech development is definitely necessary and it is great to have more hands join the initiative.” added Dushyant Kumar, an educator and chemistry expert at IITian Chacha.


Laksh Yadav plans on investing more in the education sector in the coming future to encourage and empower the coming generations.