Lancaster University: Lancaster student scoops development grant win

Christy O’Neil, who is in her final year of study, completed the Santander Universities Student Online Self-Development programme and has been selected as one of the four successful winners, receiving a £10,000 Development Grant from Santander Universities.

Santander Universities UK joined forces with Sporting Edge to run a new learning experience for 1,400 students from their different university partners. Participating students completed an online course focussing on performance themes including personal drive, learning mindset and confidence.

The 4 students with the highest scores across all modules received a Santander Development grant of £10,000 each to support them with their professional and personal development.

Christy – who will take up a job in London after graduation this summer – said the programme not only helped develop her skills but also kept her motivated during the challenges of Covid-19.

Christy said: “The uncertainty and stresses of the pandemic have really brought to light how important skills which have previously been dubbed ‘soft’ are to individual performance and wellbeing. The Sporting Edge programme therefore stood out to me as an opportunity to really hone my personal development skills by gaining tips and insights from leading professionals and athletes. It was a brilliant programme which also served to keep me grounded and upbeat in recent months.”

Although the award came as a huge surprise, she is already making plans for the future.

“I think I am still processing that I have received the grant! Although, I have always wanted to complete a Masters and at present, saving the grant for this purpose seems the wisest thing to do.”

Matt Hutnell, Director Santander Universities UK said: “Congratulations to all of the participants who have completed the Santander Universities Student Online Self-Development programme, and in particular to the 4 winners – I hope you’ve enjoyed the insights provided through the programme and that you look forward to implementing your learnings throughout your future studies. Over the last decade Santander Universities has collaborated with its network of university partners to ensure students from diverse backgrounds are supported into university, work and self-employment. Working with Sporting Edge on this programme has enabled us to provide further support to students in terms of their educational and professional development, and we are delighted to have received such positive feedback from those who have taken part.”

Jeremy Snape, Founder, Sporting Edge, said: “Sporting Edge were delighted to partner with Santander Universities on this programme. We have been thrilled to read so much positive feedback and hear how the content has inspired and been a useful support during these challenging times. Our central goal as a business is to help people manage their pressures and set future goals so it has been amazing to hear so many students bring that to life so powerfully in their feedback. I honestly believe that these Winning Mindset strategies can set people up for life and I look forward to following the success of all the students from the programme.”

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