Lancers International School celebrates Japanese cultural workshop

Gurugram: Home language learning is an integral part of the mainstream education that we offer to every member of our diverse community at Lancers International School. We know that with this, students can feel a strong sense of belonging in a rapidly evolving Gurgaon environment.
Keeping this in mind, in a very interactive event at Lancers International School where parents from the Japanese expat community came together to give a session on basic cultural aspects of Japan like their geography, media, dressing, calligraphy (Kanji), customs etc.
The students at the program actively participated during the session where they were able to relate with the favourite animated characters like Doreamon, Ninja Hattori etc Ms. Mutsuko, mother of a student for last 4 years said, “The whole experience was very exciting for us, as a housewife I was able to do something meaningful for the day where I was able to share my cultural aspects with these students who are friends to my kids.”
The students from South East Asia, Europe and India were some of the students who
mesmerized these Expat Japanese parents with their knowledge about their country’s
tradition and willingness to learn more about it. “We are happy that we were able to add this kind of cultural activity for our students who are from different corners of the world. We are willing to integrate more activities which cross the cultural, regional, racial & linguistic barriers and bring everyone together in a joyful moment. We would also like to thank the parents who took out time to make it a successful event for kids.” Said Mr. Y. K. Sindhwani, Head of School- Lancers International School About us:
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Baccalaureate Middle Year Programme (MYP), The International Baccalaureate Diploma
Programme (IBDP), by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), Switzerland. We also offer the IGCSE in Grade 9 and 10.
The School is a co-educational day cum boarding school. The curriculum is unique, ensuring high-quality, stress-free learning that lays the foundation for holistic education for children from Start-Up to Grade XII, where learning is investigative and creative, giving children every opportunity to develop academically, physically, emotionally and aesthetically. With
students from over 45 nationalities, LIS is known for its diverse community
which encourages intellectual inquiry, open-mindedness and an understanding of different cultures and perspectives. This paves way for developing Lancerians into well rounded global citizens. Lancers stands for its value education that it provides with an aim to develop every Lancerian into a confident individual and a person of high integrity. Lancers provides a highly customized environment tailored to suit each student’s requirement and needs and ensures that adequate support is provided to make the child feel comfortable and transform into a confident learner. LIS has qualified, IB- a trained and vibrant group of experienced teachers. The excellent academic results of the year 2017-18 have made Lancers one of the most desirable international school.