Lancers International School extends helping hand to Sector 49 victims of the fire

Gurugram: In an endeavor to support the underprivileged victims, the students of Lancers International School took a week-long campaign to aid the victims of the fire that broke out in Sector 49, Gurugram. As a part of the campaign, the students have organized a week-long collection drive to donate clothes and other necessities of daily life to victims.

The students donated edible items such as flour, rice, edible oil, chocolates, biscuits, besides daily necessities like first -aid items, soap, sanitary pads and the like. The move benefitted over 200 hapless victims of the fire.

“Compassion and empathy are among the core principles of our school. At this time, my heart goes out to victims who lost their homes as well as valuables due to the outbreak of fire. We must all come forward to help them in this hour of need,” said Shivam Marwah, another student of Lancers International School.

“My school has always been at the forefront in extending a helping hand to needy. We hope that our donations will be useful to the victims,” Prachin Pant said c, a student of Lancers International School.

The campaign comes after over 150 shanties were gutted and at least 500 people displaced in a fire that broke out in a slum in Sector 49, Gurugram on April 28. The campaign coincides with Labour Day and was the tribute to these victims, most of whom are workers working relentlessly to make ends meet.

As per the account of officials and eyewitnesses, the cause of the fire was a gas cylinder explosion in one of the shanties which spread to others. Five fire tenders took two hours to douse the fire.

“We are thankful to Lancers International School which came forward to help us in the hour of need. These valuable donations will help us compensate for losses we suffered due to the outbreak of fire,” said Pramod Kumar, a victim.

“We appreciate this noble initiative of Lancers International School. The donations were really helpful for us and speaks volumes of feelings of compassion among the students,” said Nirmala Devi, another victim.

The shanties had been mostly occupied by migrant workers from West Bengal.

“We, at Lancers International School, have always stressed on upliftment and welfare of the marginalized section of society. We strongly empathize with the not-so-fortunate ones who lost their homes and valuable belongings due to the outbreak of fire. This campaign is a part of our efforts to bring the life of victims back on track,” said Mr. Rohit Mann, Director, Lancers International School.