Language Proficiency development, Enriching Moral values- an essential blend of DPS RNE’s storytelling session for young children

New Delhi:  In an innovative effort to bolster students’ communicative abilities and linguistic comprehension, an inventive storytelling session was organised by DPS RNE for students of Classes 1 and 2.

Taking the assistance of modern applications like PPT, teachers illustrated their stories through visuals which enhanced their speech delivery and engaged the students even more.

Students found the session very pleasingly different and enjoyably anomalous from the routine classroom teaching and appreciated the teachers for their efforts.

The storytelling session also displayed the oratory skills of the teachers who used different voice modulations, character arcs, and diverse articulation forms to enunciate the story in a much more impactful manner. The students thoroughly enjoyed the stories like “Free and happy”, “Best Friends” and “The Lion King”.

Mrs Pallavi Upadhyay, Principal, DPS RNE, said, “The main objective behind the storytelling session was to impart good moral values among children from a young age. The apparent degeneration of moral ethics and lack of compassionate behaviour are the societal concern nowadays. School is one of the building blocks that shape a person’s thinking for life. We had decided to organise the storytelling session to build a solid moral and educative culture among the students, apart from strengthening their language skills and understanding capabilities.”


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