Large-scale defense of subprojects of the Museum of Science of PetrSU

In the Humanitarian Innovation Park, another defense of subprojects of the Museum of Science of PetrSU of the distributed type took place.
The Humanitarian Innovation Park of PetrSU continues to work on the creation of the Science Museum, involving more and more museum spaces in its structure.

On February 9, curators of 10 subprojects from different institutes defended development concepts and cost estimates for their museums. Each of the speakers focused on the scientific, educational, career guidance and educational activities of the future museum. The curators paid special attention to interactive technologies that are in demand in a modern museum.

V.D. Yunash (Medical Institute) presented the Museum of Pharmacy, which, in terms of its content and scale, has no analogues in the neighboring regions outside the capital, and is also distinguished by an integrated approach and a variety of expositions. A.M. Zhulnikov (Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences) presented the Museum of Archeology, which is planned to be placed in the educational auditorium of the IIPSN and filled with exhibits demonstrating the scientific achievements of archeology and scientists of PetrSU in this science.

The original Museum-laboratory of digitalization of natural science was defended by A.V. Kabonen (Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences), focusing on the implementation of digital technologies in the museum space.

I.E. Grishina (Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences) presented the Museum class of wooden architecture, in which it is planned to place models of monuments, collapsible structural units of wooden buildings and wood samples.

A.A. Skoropadskaya (Institute of Philology) defended the concept of the Museum of Words, which will have material and virtual expositions.

S.V. Korobeinikova (Institute of Philology) proposed a variant of updating the existing museum space “Ethnodom” with modern technical means.

HER. Kameneva (Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences), presenting the Museum of Geology, drew attention to the interactive master classes that are planned to be held in this space.

Museum hall of aquaculture presented by A.Yu. Volkova (Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Technologies), it is planned to develop in 5 thematic areas: “Aquatic biological resources of Karelia”, “History of development of fishery science”, “History of salmon breeding”, “History of aquaculture in Karelia” and “Aquaculture technologies”.

The original design project of the Karelian Forest Museum was presented by A.O. Ioffe (Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences), noting the comprehensive approach to the creation of its exposition. O.V. Sidorova (Institute of Physics and Technology) defended the concept of the Physics and Technology Museum with a design area, a demonstration area, a retro exhibit area and a luminescent room.

6 institutes of PetrSU presented their museum subprojects, the development of which is planned for several years. In the near future, the last defense of museum subprojects, included in the structure of the Distributed Science Museum, will take place.

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