Launch of the Regional Survey of Languages in the Arab region

On the occasion of the World Arabic Language Day, UNESCO invites its Member States and relevant governmental partners in the Arab States to complete the Regional Survey of Languages prepared for the data collection in the Arab States. This survey aims to collect a wide range of data on the number of spoken and sign languages in countries, as well as selected information about the use and users of each language.
The survey is composed of one questionnaire covering Spoken Languages and Sign Languages and a descriptive document. An Instruction Manual is also provided to assist in completing the questionnaire Please also note that the questionnaire is available in Excel format only. This format will facilitate the provision of data. The deadline for submitting data is 4 February 2021. Data is expected to be released on the World Atlas of Languages.

The initiative is taking place in an effort to promote linguistic diversity and multilingualism, particularly in the context of the promotion and implementation of the UNESCO Recommendation Concerning the Promotion and Use of Multilingualism and Universal Access to Cyberspace (2003), UNESCO is developing its World Atlas of Languages (WAL). It is also an opportunity during World Arabic Language Day to sensitize a wide range of stakeholders about the importance of data on languages.

Under the theme “Arabic Language Academies: Necessity or Luxury?” UNESCO will organise a virtual panel discussion on the International Day to reflect on and discuss the role of language academies in safeguarding and enhancing the Arabic language.


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