LEAD launches LEAD School@Home to ensure continued learning in view of COVID-19


Mumbai: LEAD School, an integrated academic excellence system, with six owned and over 800 partner schools across India, will initiate LEAD School@Home program from Monday, March 16 to ensure continuity in learning for all its students. The measure has been taken in the wake of schools closures due to incidences of COVID-19 in the country.

With school closures in Delhi and Bengaluru and other state governments contemplating the same, the live online schooling is estimated to benefit over 3 lakh students in the coming days.

Under its program, LEAD School will conduct live online sessions for the unfinished portions of the curriculum. Given the integrated curriculum offered by LEAD School that combines technology and curriculum, a student from any class will essentially be able to pick up the lesson or chapter from where it was last taught in school before closure. This will help students pick up quickly and prepare for their exams without spending any extra time in redoing the entire lesson or unit.

Sumeet Mehta, Co-founder and CEO, LEAD School said, “We believe that continuity and integration of learning is vital to our goal of imparting quality education to our children. While schools may have to consider closing due to outbreak of COVID-19, LEAD School is supporting all its partner schools to ensure that students do not stop learning. Our integrated system allows us to know the unfinished units in each grade across all our schools and helps us serve up the modules as required online for course completion before exams.”

Additionally, students who are unable to attend live sessions will also have access to recorded sessions, which can be viewed as per their convenience. The LEAD School Parent App will provide students with the homework and assessments to ensure that no part of learning is missed out until their schools resume.