Leading HR tech platform Keka raised $1.6MN non-dilutive growth capital through Recur Club

New Delhi: Keka, the leader in SME HRTech, is leading the path in India for SaaS companies to use non-dilutive revenue funding from Recur.club. Keka with its SaaS serves over 4700+ customers across over 26 states in India. They’re shining the path for SaaS companies to script their growth on the back of revenue based funding! No longer do companies need to resort to only Venture Capitalists!

Recur.club is making $1.6m available to Keka to invest into Marketing, Sales and growth in the segment. This heralds a new Era of frugal and sustainable growth in the midst of 6 month olds becoming Unicorns!

Keka is leading the way for all bootstrapped startups with this new age financing!

Recur.club is a pioneer in India of Revenue financing. Bootstrapped startups can get access to a significant amount of capital to supercharge their journey before they turn to VC money!

Vijay Yalamanchili, CEO of Keka mentions, “Non-dilutive funding will become the norm for bootstrapped SaaS companies the world over! SaaS founders should focus on building Awesome experiences and not run after investment rounds.”

Recur Club is Asia’s first and only trading platform for companies with recurring revenue streams that gives access to growth capital at the click of a button. Recur Club connects companies directly with institutional investors to trade their subscriptions for upfront cash – it’s like your monthly or quarterly customers just paid you upfront instantly. Recur Club partners with companies by unlocking fast, flexible, transparent, and non-dilutive capital at every stage of their journey and provides an ecosystem to amplify their growth.