Leading influencer management company,en:lyft hosted a power packed “en:fluence – The Creator Summit

Mumbai:Leading influencer management company,en:lyft hosted a power packed “en:fluence – The Creator Summit…”today in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.The event brought together influencers, brands, content creators, media marketers, and manymore from around the globe under one roof.

The event kick-started with an introduction from Mr.Ajay Kudva, Founder and CEO at en:lyftand followed by keynote from Mr. Umesh Upadhyay,President & Director-Media at Reliance Industries Limited. The event had breakout sessions and panel discussions, to meeting with the brands, and the list goes on. The summit also incorporated interesting sessions on video marketing, content marketing, developments in social media, monetisation, community building & much more and finally concluded with adrenaline filled performance by “The Unwind”.

en:fluence is an initiative started by Ajay Kudva, founder of en:lyft. Enthusiastic attendees gathered to discuss social media strategies, network, learn new skills, and connect in person with the top influencers in multiple niche segments.The event saw participation from severalrenowned influencers including Sharmaji Technical, Technical Yogi, TechBar, Palash Sen (Euphoria), Ruchira Jadhav, Namrata Pradhan (Madhura from Chattriwali), Abhijeet Shwetchandra (Baaji), Dino James, Nita Shilimkar and AJ (Oye it’s Prank), Radha Sagar, Parvinder Singh, Rajeev Raja and Him-eesh Madaan, Mahatmaji Technical, Ask CarGuru and many more.

Commenting on the event, Mr. Ajay Kudva, Founder and CEO at en:lyft said, “en:lyft aims to create a community of content creators that fosters creativity & enhance brand collaborations.Over the past one year, en:lyft and its 120 exclusive influencers, having a collective subscriber base of 60Mn+; have helped over 150 brands to create 2000+ pieces of content that achieved over 2.3 Billion views & 50 Mn+ engagements. en:fluence is a tribute to these prolific content creators & a platform to setup the roadmap for the years ahead”

As per a recent report, while Instagram has over a billion monthly active users globally, its parent company Facebook has over 2.38 billion monthly active users and over 16 million people log in to Twitter every day. WhatsApp is another powerful platform which has over 300 million users in our country. India is also the largest and fastest growing audience in the world with more than 265 million monthly active users for You Tube.

“Influencer management head at en:lyft, Stafford Fernandes said,”en:fluence is one of our major milestones. Stay tuned to see many major milestones in this journey called en:lyft.”