Leading organisations launch iMumz app to counsel pregnant women and their families during pregnancy

New Delhi: ISPAT*-ISAR**-Global Rainbow Healthcare, leading pregnancy care organisations, have launched a mobile app iMumz for expecting mothers. iMumz is the go-to platform for women to make healthy and happy babies and make the experience of pregnancy a wonderful one. The content in the app is based on the centuries-old principle of “Garbh Sanskar” that refers to the education that the foetus receives inside the womb. The app which is available for free-download on AppStore and GooglePlay has already had over 5000 downloads in the test phase.

The app was launched by renowned spiritual guru, Bramha Kumari Sister Shivani, at an event in the capital city. Speaking at the launch event, BK Sister Shivani, in her unique way, referred to the ancient Mahabharata and Abhimanyu story, and explained how ‘Karma and Destiny’ of a child can be moulded inside the womb.

The app also has a music therapy section curated by Israeli Musician Marina d Moses. Music therapy is an evidence-based clinical use of musical interventions that is gaining popularity for improving quality of life.

Dr. Jaideep Malhotra, President ISPAT-ISAR, former president FOGSI***, said “We strongly believe in the need for holistic care during pregnancy since a mother’s womb is the biggest classroom for the child. Our scientifically proven methodology, takes care of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual wellness of pregnant women by coaching them on these aspects. The video tutorials by experts will guide expecting mothers on myths, fun facts, queries, yoga and spirituality through personalised content.”

The World Health Organisation advises 40 minutes as the ideal duration for the first consultancy with a doctor for pregnant women. However, given the paucity of time that both doctors and most women experience, platforms such as iMumz can be a great support system for those seeking evidence-backed, medical advice during their pregnancies.