LEAD’s Sampoorna Hindi program for students to master national language skills

Mumbai: Hindi is the mother tongue of 44 per cent of the population in India however its importance as a language skill in schools continues to be underrated. To strengthen foundation skills in numeracy and literacy among students whose mother tongue in Hindi, leading EdTech in K-12 education, LEAD has initiated a ‘Sampoorna Hindi’ in schools affordable private schools across north and central India.

The integrated program aims to develop language skills along with general awareness and values with relevant cultural context, making it easier for students to read, write, and speak in Hindi. Sampoorna Hindi is aligned to the goals of the New Education Policy that supports teaching students in their mother tongue.

Research has shown that learning multiple languages challenges the brain and improves cognitive and social-emotional development. While Hindi is one of the major subjects in most schools in north and central India, it is not taught as a language skill. As a result, students face difficulties in comprehending, reading and writing Hindi, and integrating it into their daily life. To state an example, nearly eight lakh students in Uttar Pradesh – known as the Hindi heartland, failed in Hindi in the 2019 UP Secondary Board examinations for class 10 and 12 and they weren’t aware of the basic words such as ‘yatra’ and ‘aatmavishwas’.

LEAD addresses the challenges of learning the language based on a 5C framework – connection to life, connection to prior learning, catering to different learners, concentric learning and contextualisation of learning.

The program has been developed to improve Hindi language skills by breaking it into core components including phonics, whole words, reading and listening comprehension, grammar, writing and speaking expression. This helps students overcome learning challenges and improve their concepts when understood in their mother tongue.

Through the four core values of – Learn, Think, Do and Be – LEAD makes learning Hindi engaging and informative for students, and help them in their academic and social life.

Sampoorna Hindi is divided class-wise and has a separate learning module for each class. Class 1 will create a strong foundation to recognise and understand the language; Class 2 will build on the foundation, develop skills of listening-reading- speaking-writing; Class 3-5 will develop a deep understanding of grammar, further develop listening, reading, speaking, writing skills; Class 6-8 will enable students to answer questions and express themselves through a deep understanding of NCERT books supported by additional language enrichment content and Class 9-10 will prepare the students to answer any type of a question that might come in the Board exam.

About LEAD:

LEAD (formerly known as LEAD School) is promoted by Leadership Boulevard, one of the fastest growing EdTech companies in India. It combines technology, curriculum and pedagogy into an integrated system of teaching and learning, thus improving student learning and teacher performance in schools across the country. LEAD School partners with 1,700+ schools with an estimated 6 lakh+ students in more than 400 cities, including tier 2 to tier 4 cities, in 20 States.