Learning during Lockdown: JMI Library expands its E-book Collection

In yet another significant effort to promote online teaching learning and research, Dr. Zakir Husain Library(Central Library) of Jamia Millia Islamia(JMI), one of the top ten central universities of India, has recently expanded its e-book collection which can be accessed remotely and will strongly boost the teaching learning process during current lockdown.
Numbering more than 3000, these e-books have been sourced from all reputed publishers
like Oxford, Cambridge, Springer Nature, Wiley, PHI, Pearson, T&F and many others. The
collection reflects both contemporary and classic orientation and includes a large number of textbooks also.
Carefully selected by JMI faculty members this collection of e-books covers a wide range of research monographs, academic, reference, textbooks, books for professionals, and large numbers of books aimed at graduate & Post Graduate students.
Representing the latest and most authoritative research across a range of academic disciplines, this huge collection comprises all areas of teaching , learning and research like economics and business, history, politics, law as well as engineering, architecture, computers, pure and applied sciences.
One of the important features of the collection is that it includes a large number of rare Indian language e-books in Urdu, Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian. This will hugely benefit a large section of students which so far has been deprived of digital contents and bring at their doorstep a vast repository of ancient Indian wisdom and knowledge.
This collection takes the reader across the frontier of time to an ancient civilization in the Indian subcontinent on a voyage of discovery. Produced over several hundred years of India’s glorious past, this vast literature captures India’s intellectual and cultural dominance over the world in the world of letters and stand testimony even today to the rich past of ancient India.
The user-friendly digital interface of JMI library serves as vehicle for dissemination of this scholarly content, opening a new vista for learning, nurturing ideas and furthering research.
JMI library, it may be added already provides access to millions of full text research papers, statistical and financial databases and other public domain resources to its users from the comfort of their home , providing scholarly advantage to them.

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