Lecture on ‘Transforming Leadership during Pandemic’

Aligarh: “Teachers are academic leaders and they must adopt the new practices required to conduct teaching during the pandemic,” said Prof A R Kidwai, Director, UGC Human Resource Development Centre, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

He was delivering presidential remarks in the online lecture programme on ‘Transforming Leadership during Pandemic’ organised by the Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies.

Prof Kidwai asserted that academic leaders need to have efficient delivery system and it is imperative to understand that scholarship is important, but effective communication skills are equally necessary.

He emphasised that the innovation, creativity and critical approach are necessary for a leader and teachers should develop managerial capabilities to handle the evolving situation during the pandemic, which continues to throw challenges.

Speaking on the topic, AMU alumnus and partner, Holistic Enterprise, Dubai, Kamran Ziauddin emphasised that leadership is an ability to inspire and facilitate others in pursuing the shared vision.

“In order to inspire others, leaders need to be inspired and believe in their vision. Inspirational leadership is the ability to articulate an idea or an action to win over people,” he said.

Kamran spoke on the role played by women leaders since the Covid pandemic outbreak.

In the welcome address, Prof Azra Musavi, Director, Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies, spoke on the loss of livelihood across the world.

She asserted that it is not always possible for the governments to address such large scale crisis and therefore the role of civil society becomes of paramount importance.

Prof Azra pointed out that NGOs and people from all walks of life stepped in to help the displaced people during pandemic.

She highlighted the roles of Aligarh based NGOs such as Asra, Soch and Udaan in the rehabilitation of the pandemic struck people and creating livelihood for the unemployed.

Dr Juhi Gupta extended the vote of thanks.

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