Lecture on “Understand Your Blueprints – Key to Spiritual Well Being and Holistic Health” at Amity University

New Delhi: Spreading awareness about the ways of making positive changes in lives using practical spirituality and holistic wellbeing, Dr. Meenaa Mahaajjan, Spiritual Life Coach, Holistic Wellness Expert and Transformational Coach delivered a lecture on “Understand your Blueprints – Key to Spiritual Well Being and Holistic Health” at Amity University Sector 125 Noida.

Delivering the lecture, Dr. Meena Mahaajjan defined Spirituality as the science of self-understanding and self-realization. She mentioned that human life is mostly on auto-pilot mode functioned as per the Blueprints, that is, Sanskars – which are manifested into the subconscious mind through the upbringing and home environment. She further adds “Our thoughts and behavior are driven by what we learn in early age which is between the time we are born till nine years of age.” Sometimes, it is the parents who contaminate the child, by default and the adult life is impacted by the early life learnings imbibed into them. She apprised that the blueprints are divided into four categories including health, financial, relationship and self.

Dr. Mahaajjan shared that the philosophers of the west have given lot of importance to Body, while East philosophers have promoted priority to Consciousness and Energy. She remarked that however in recent times, science and spirituality have collaborated when Quantum Physics revealed that how everything is energy and physical reality may just be an illusion.

Dwelling upon Mind, Body and Medicine, she talked about various fields such as Epigenetics, Psychoneuroimmunology and Psychosomatics. She informed that 95 percent of diseases are due to stress and underlined that our thoughts can make us sick. “We are under chronic attack 24*7 as our body holds onto emotions, past traumas and negative experiences that create density in our body , subsequently becoming the cause of disease.” she remarks. She exclaimed that as per a study, human minds generate 60000-90000 thoughts every day, out of which 90% are negative. Hence, the volume of thoughts are so massive that it impacts the lives and there is a need to master these thoughts, only then one will be able to master the life. “Tonic thoughts produce tonic chemicals, toxic thoughts produce toxic chemicals in body which will create blocks and ultimately, lead to disease formation.”

Dr. Mahaajjan emphasized upon the importance of letting go of the negative experiences and memories of past for a positive today and tomorrow. She averred that every person has an inner pharmacy bestowed upon by divine powers which is not been well-explored by humans. Dr. Mahaajjan pointed out that people who make contact with this intelligence can reverse the negative blueprint. She called upon the gathering to harness the power of natural intelligence to lead a fruitful life.

Dr. Mahajjan affirmed that every human body has the ability to heal while the mind has the ability to reverse to achieve success. Simple processes like diet change, increase of positive emotion, self-awareness, enhancing social collaboration and deeper spiritual connection will help in reversing the blueprints faster.

Lt Gen S K Gadeock(Retd), DG, Amity Institute of Defence & Strategic Studies said that Founder President of Amity Group, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan has always laid emphasis upon the holistic development of mind, body and soul. He added that such lectures are organized not only for enlightening the human mind but for encouraging the gathering to live a positive life and further, spreading the message of positivity in other people lives too.

The lecture was attended by the senior officials, faculty members and staff of Amity University.