Legal Aid Cell, Malappuram Centre organised National Webinar

Aligarh : The Legal Aid Cell, Dept of Law of Aligarh Muslim university, Malappuram Centre organised a National Webinar on “Juvenile Justice Act- Exploring the Unexplored” on 6th March, 2022.

Advocate Muhammad Ali Chaudhry (Supreme Court attorney and alumnus of AMU) talked about the “Nirbhaya gang rape case” and how it had a impact on the framing of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015. The Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 replaced the Juvenile Delinquency law and the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000. He pointed out the faults in the previous act which created a need to form a new law to handle crimes committed by juveniles. He also addressed the causes that lead a minor to commit crimes and the various factors such as family background, upbringing, political environment etc that impacts the psyche of a child. He gave a presentation in which he defined who is considered a child and discussed various aspects of the JJ act, 2015. He differentiated between CICL (child in conflict with law) and CNCP (child in need of care and protection). He said that the CCIL is handled by the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) and the CNCP is handled by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC).

He discussed the salient features of the JJ act, 2015, fundamental principles of juvenile justice, classification of offences under the JJ act, social background report etc. He talked about the role and responsibilities of the Juvenile Justice Board and the procedure for the age determination. He also mentioned that the JJ act is not a lenient act, but it gives benefit of doubt to the accused.

Dr Absar Aftab gave an overview of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015(JJ Act, 2015) and talked about preliminary questioning, age determination, conflicts in this act.

There was an interactive round where the participants were allowed to ask questions about the JJ Act and Adv. Ali Chaudhary answered their queries.

Ghalib Nashter, Coordinator, Department of Law at AMUMC gave the welcome address

Dr Shaista Nasreen, proposed the vote of thanks to all the participants, resource person – Mr. Ali Chaudhary (Advocate in Supreme Court of India) , patrons – Dr. Faisal K.P. (Director, AMUMC), Mr. Ghalib Nashter, Convenors- Dr. Naseema P.K , Dr. Absar Aftab Absar.

Irmeen Faisal, Shifa Fatima, Muskan khan, Fathima, Aabid, Aina Islam, Mohd. Faiz, Ulviyan Ghanii, Mantasha, Tooba khan and many more actively participated in the programme.

More than 350 participants from around the country registered for the event.

In another development, the Department of Law, AMU Centre Malappuram, has constituted a Law Society for the session 2021-22. The body was constituted on the basis of written test and Interview conducted through online mode. The body is responsible for conducting various events, training for students and preparation for national Moot Court and Youth Parliament competitions. Law Society constituted in 2014, has conducted 8 Law festivals at Departmental level and several national events.


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