Legal awareness is an important tool for legal and social empowerment: Mr. Alok Agarawal

New Delhi: To deliberate on various facets of Law, a one-day National Legal Awareness Conference was organized by Amity Law School at Amity University in collaboration with Delhi State Legal Services Authority and Ministry of Law & Justice. During the conference, 95 papers were presented by students, and researchers of various institutes on legal awareness.

Addressing the participants, Mr. G. Raghvendra, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Law & Justice said “Law students play a key role in providing free access to justice to needy people”. He talked about the various government contributions and initiatives done to improve the law structure of the country. Mr. Raghvendra also spoke about the new initiatives being run by the government for legal awareness such as Nyayabandhu etc. during the conference.


Mr. Vikas Singh, Former Addl. Solicitor General of India talked at length about various facets of law and shared that the subject of this national conference is more relevant. He called upon law students to participate in programs and disseminate the legal awareness knowledge amongst the underprivileged of the country. “When you join this profession there are many challenges but simultaneously every lawyer should also do legal aid work. Legal aid work gives an opportunity to do diverse types of cases and it is also associated with contributing towards society” averred Mr Singh.


Hon’ble Mr. Alok Agarawal, Chairman, Delhi Cooperative Tribunal & Ex Member NALSA DHJS said that legal awareness is the most important tool of legal and social empowerment. There are many laws that are meant to narrow the gap between various sections of societies therefore, every person should be aware of their legal rights and laws. It is important to have an effective project scale approach in collaboration with various law schools and institutions, affirmed Mr Aggarwal.


Amity Law School, Chairman, Dr D.K Bandyopadhyay welcomed the dignitaries and said that Amity Law School Noida provides free legal guidance to the needy. Law is an ideal work that helps to bring justice to the underprivileged. Through such conferences, we encourage students to provide information and support to remote areas where people are not aware of their legal rights, said Dr Bandhopadhay.


Hon’ble Justice Debangsu Basak, Judge, Calcutta High Court stated that “to maintain peace and equality in the country, it is necessary to have legal experts and system”. In a large population, underprivileged persons who are not financially competent do not know their rights and students should provide legal assistance to such persons. Make them not only aware of the rights but also connect them with the institutions meant for their benefits. Legal information is important for the betterment of one’s self and for the smooth functioning of society. Justice Basak said that in times of pandemic, assistance can be provided by connecting people with legal institutions without traveling long distances with technical assistance.


Hon’ble Ms Justice Manju Goel, Former Judge, Delhi HC said that the law and law system is essential to settle a social dispute. Whenever you talk to any experienced person or guests present in a gathering, one will find that giving legal help or awareness of rights to any person is more satisfactory than receiving money, he advised students to pay more attention to those who need the attention. Speaking on artificial intelligence in the legal system, he also said that AI can help in data collection but lack humanity and kindness, therefore; AI cannot replace those who are working in the legal field.


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