Legendary cricketer Jonty Rhodes collaborates with EuroSchool to promote sports & extra-curricular activities in schools

New Delhi: Former South African Cricketer and legendary fielder Jonty Rhodes is collaborating with EuroSchool to promote the importance of sports & extra-curricular activities as an integral part of the school curriculum. Jonty Rhodes will be promoting sports and creating awareness among students, and parents and speaking about how schools must ensure a healthy balance between academics & sports that will help to nurture happy, confident children.


Euroschool will host a Fitness Workshop webinar with Jonty Rhodes on March 20, 2021, at 11.30 am. The webinar highlights topics like ‘Building hand-eye coordination at an early age’, ‘Identifying the early signs of passion in a particular sport’ & ‘Encouraging kids in pursuing their passion’. He will be sharing valuable insights and tips with the parents, teachers, and schools that will help them make their children champions. There will be an open Q&A session for the audience as well.


Speaking about this collaboration, Rahul Deshpande, CEO EuroSchool said, “It is a proud moment for our school network to collaborate with world-renowned sports legend Jonty Rhodes whose achievements and contribution in the cricket world have left a deep imprint in the minds of youth. At Euroschool, we believe in providing the right platform for children to discover their true potential. Our balanced schooling philosophy at EuroSchool is aimed at providing holistic education with a healthy balance of academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. We are glad that Jonty shares our belief that holistic education is the way forward. We are confident that our students & parents will learn and thoroughly enjoy this workshop. His accomplishments & character as a true sportsman will inspire many EuroSchoolers to follow in his footsteps.”


Commenting on this alliance, Jonty Rhodes said, “I am delighted to collaborate with EuroSchool India. I was impressed to learn about EuroSchool’s philosophy of Balanced Schooling and about their approach towards Holistic Education. Today, more than ever it is important for us to encourage our children to pursue their passion – whether it is sports, performing arts or academics. It was great to see how EuroSchool conducts it’s sports programme and has several academic & non-academic clubs that enable children to experience a plethora of co-curricular activities. There are so many EuroSchoolers winning laurels & awards in sports, arts and other academic competitions and championships which is a testimony to their Balanced Schooling philosophy. I look forward to hosting this engaging workshop for the children. I believe that balanced schooling is a great medium towards ensuring holistic education. This will build well rounded & confident children that truly become citizens of the world.”, he added.


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