Legendary cricketer Kumar Sangakkara marked his presence at Stonehill Super Splash 2018

Stonehill International School hosted Stonehill Super Splash, a two-day international swim meet that kick-started on 18th May 2018. The event, which was hosted in a six lane outdoor 25 meter swimming pool, saw a participation of over 185 students from various schools from the Asia Pacific region. Also participating in the meet was Mis.Swyree Sangakkara, daughter and Mr. Kavith son of former Sri Lankan cricketer Mr. Kumar Sangakkara. The crowd was ecstatic in the presence of the legendary cricketer, who was seen supporting his kids. The event was abuzz with the loud cheering of parents, coaches and siblings, alike. Decathlon, the largest sporting retailer and other vendors gave away goodies to encourage the participants. Mr. Hakimuddin Habibulla Ex Olympian Swimmer (India) addressed the crowd during the opening ceremony.

“It’s great to be here at Stonehill Super Splash 2018. My son Kavith and daughter Swyree are taking part this year and so are the host of other kids from various schools. My children go to the Overseas school of Colombo, it’s brilliant that Stonehill International is having an event like this. The kids and the parents are having a great time and hopefully, if we have another one next year maybe we would be back” Mr. Kumar Sangakkara Ex Cricket Captain Sri Lanka.

“Am here at Stonehill International School Bangalore for the Super Splash. I think it’s a beautiful event and am having a great time. It’s a fantastic day and a very festive atmosphere and I really encourage the kids to have lots of fun and that’s the key of this whole event, have fun make friends and take home good memories” Mr. Hakimuddin Habibulla Ex Olympian Swimmer (India)