Legendary writer Amitav Ghosh will join 100th session of Kalinga Literary Festival -KLF Bhava Samvad on 3rd December

New Delhi: A premier literary festival platform Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF)’s initiative KLF Bhava Samvad, will be hosting the legendary literary figure Amitav Ghosh on 3rd December on the occasion of its 100th session completion. The KLF has launched ‘KLF Bhava Samvad’ to bring poets, writers, thinkers, philosophers, public intellectuals, spiritual masters, researchers, performers, and common citizens to reflect upon the lives and emotions around us during this lockdown and beyond. The platform has successfully reached over 20 lakh audience by now.

Author Amitav Ghosh will be seen conversing with journalist Akshay Mukul and writer Maneesha Taneja over his new masterful novel, Gun Island, which seamlessly brings together a man’s self-discovery, the fading folklore of the Sundarbans and the most pressing malaises of our times. The novel was published in English in September, 2019. The multilingual book shows how a common word ‘Bandook’, or ‘Gun’ turns Deen Datta’s  world upside down. A dealer of rare books, Deen is used to a quiet life spent indoors, but as his once-solid beliefs begin to shift, he is forced to set out on an extraordinary journey; one that takes him from India to Los Angeles and Venice via a tangled route through the memories and experiences of those he meets along the way. There is Piya, a fellow Bengali-American who sets his journey in motion; Tipu, an entrepreneurial young man who opens Deen’s eyes to the realities of growing up in today's world; Rafi, with his desperate attempt to help someone in need; and Cinta, an old friend who provides the missing link in the story they are all a part of.

It is a journey which will upend everything he thought he knew about himself, about the Bengali legends of his childhood and about the world around him. Gun Island is a beautifully realised novel which effortlessly spans space and time. It is the story of a world on the brink, of increasing displacement and unstoppable transition. But it is also a story of hope, of a man whose faith in the world and the future is restored by two remarkable women.

Sessions at KLF Bhava Samvad have covered subjects as diverse as the creative process of writing, literature, climate change, psychological wellbeing and compassion in these challenging times, the art of poetry, technology,  music,  mythology, mysticism and technology etc . The series has hosted nearly 100 speakers including Nayantara Sahgal, Nayantara Sehgal, Amish  Tripathy, K Sachidanndan,  Koral Dasgupta, Dr. Pratibha Ray, Anand Neelkanthan, Bhanumathi Narasimhan, Arundhathi Subramaniam, Sunil Kothari, Shantnu Gupta, Anita Agnihotri, Paul Sukirta Kumar, Padma Shree Haldhar  Nag, Rajita Kulkarni, Subroto Bagchi, Dr. Farouk Gulsara, Daya Dissanayake , Jayshree Misra Tripathi, Rachna Joshi,Deepa Agarwal, Smita Agarwal, Monideepa Sahu , Aminur Rahman, Chador Wangmo,  Praksh Subedi , Bala Venkatswara Rao, Saiswaroopa Iyer , Akshaya Mukul, Prabhat Ranjan, Chandan Panndey, Vandana Rag, Ashwin Sanghi , Medha Shri, Vineet  Bajpai,Nishtha Gautam ,Pt. Kunj Bihari Mishra,Abhinandan Sekhri, Vineet Kumar,Harpreet Singh, Gopal Singh Chauhan , Archana Soreng, Bhawana Somaaya, Prof. Amitabh Srivastava, Vibha Batra, Yashodhara Ray Chaudhuri, Prof Meenakshi Jain, Sumedha Verma Ojha,  Richa Tilokani, Ashwani Kumar, Qutbi Brothers , Dr. Ramachandra Khuntia,  Dr. DP Pattanayak,  Mukul Kumar, Dutee Chand,    Asit Mohanty, Debasish Samantaray, Vikram Sampath, Dr. Amar Patnaik, Chandana Dutta , Rekha Surya, Sucheta Mishra, Ipsita Sarangi, Pritidhara Samal, Swapna Mishra, Baasab Chandana,  Bhagaban Jayasingh, Dilip Swain, Mousumi Sengupta, Shobit Arya, Randhir Khare ,   Amit Dasgupta, Prof Tisha Srivastav,    Amaresh Biswal,  Bichitra Biswal,  Madan Mohan Mahapatra, Monalisa Mishra, Aditeswar Mishra, Kedar Mishra,  R.Balakrishnan, Radha Chakravarty, Anita Agnihotri, Sahana Ahmed, MandiraGhosh,Humra Quraishi, Divsi Gupta, Jitu Mishra and many  others.

KLF Bhava Samvad intends to connect various kinds of audiences by touching all issues in and around human lives and emotions such as happiness, sufferings, human solidarity, literary dialogues, spirituality, public policy, feminism, poetry and human consciousness, human emotions in storytelling, children literature , art world in post-Covid19  world et al.

Speaking about it, Mr Rashmi Ranjan Parida, founder and director of KLF said, “KLF Bhava Samvad was initiated to keep the literary spirit intact during lockdown because of pandemic. But the rapid growth of platform and after receiving immense love from the audience, KLF Bhava Samvad has reached its 100th session with legendary literary figures, artistes across the globe and will continue to live as a permanent platform. We are immensely delighted to host Shri Amitav Ghosh on 3rd December and positively looking forward for people to join us.”

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