Les Roches Marbella receives the Hotel Technology Institute (ITH) Award

New Delhi: On September 19, the Wellington Hotel in Madrid served as the venue for the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Hotel Technology Institute (ITH), the ceremony brought together leading figures from the hotel industry and Spanish governmental tourism agencies.

The event brought together 200 guests and included among others the presence of Isabel Oliver, Secretary of State for Tourism; Marta Rivera de la Cruz, Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid; and José Ramón Castiñeira, General Director of Tourism of the Community of Madrid. The general director of ITH, Álvaro Carrillo inaugurated the anniversary celebration.

The current president of ITH and CEHAT, Juan Molas, indicated in his speech that “Spanish tourism must embrace innovation as a management philosophy and strongly bet on new technologies to gain competitiveness within and outside our borders.” Juan Molas also stressed the critical role played by the ITH for the hotel industry as an entity that works for the tourism industry in the arduous and useful task of detecting trends and technologies that will influence the future of the Spanish tourism industry.

Next, the secretary-general of ITH and CEHAT, Ramón Estalella presented the Educational Institution award to Les Roches Marbella, for the trajectory of the university campus during ITH’s 15 years. Jose Emmanuel Soler, Director of Operations and Student Services Les Roches Marbella, received the award on behalf of the school.

Isabel Oliver, Secretary of State for Tourismadded during her speech:

“From the Ministry of Tourism, we are firmly determined to promote the competitive transformation of our destinations and companies to adapt them to an increasingly digital society, economy and environment. A complex process that goes beyond using new technologies is a paradigm shift in the way of dealing with the management of the territory. The key to addressing this transformation quickly and effectively is in public-private collaboration.”

The Hotel Technological Institute is a center of innovation and knowledge for the hotel sector that aims to make the sector more competitive, profitable and sustainable by incorporating innovation and technology.

For fifteen years, ITH has promoted innovation in the sector to increase its competitiveness, carried out innovative projects to introduce technology in the sector while offering visibility and notoriety to the initiatives of its partners.