LETI: First Successful Steps in Science: LETI Student Received Russian Presidential Scholarship

On December 2, the list of winners of the competition for the grants of the President of the Russian Federation in the academic year 2021-2022 was published. Evgeny Shalugin, a first-year master’s student of the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, was among the 749 winners.

To participate in the competition, students sent information about their significant scientific achievements: published papers and victories in competitions.

In his application, Evgeny sent five publications, including articles on otolaryngology, research on voice anti-spoofing, a graph-based approach to reliability assessment, and software development for automatic analysis of farm animal behavior patterns.

Evgeny also attached other achievements to the application, namely the victory in the Youth Innovation Projects Competition with the development of a system for monitoring the behavior and health parameters of farm animals, in the Advanced Research Foundation Competition for the best intelligent image georeferencing technology, as well as in the UMNIK program with the development of a system for analyzing noise in the auric cavity.

“Undoubtedly, the merit in receiving the grant is not mine alone. This victory would not have been possible without my professors, research supervisors: Dmitry Kaplun, Associate Professor at the Department of Automation and Control Processes, and Ivan Kholod, the dean of the faculty. They helped me make my first steps in science and help me now, and I am very proud to work with them and under their guidance. Of course, this victory would not have been possible without my colleagues in the laboratory, especially graduate student Alexander Sinitsa and engineer Dina Kroders, who always played the role of senior comrades and helped solve any problems that arose and continue to arise during research,” says Evgeny.