LETI: From Knowledge Gained in a Lab to Presenting the Product: LETI Will Support Projects of Young Researchers

LETI hosted a contest of R&D projects. Fifty innovative developments of students and young scientists of the university were submitted. A total of 205 specialists and students, including 88 researchers and educators, 16 engineers, 22 postgraduate students, and 79 students took part in the competition.

The participants presented innovative methods, technologies, software and hardware, intelligent systems for medicine, defectoscopy, robotics, electronics, automation, ecology, personal data protection, online commerce, and others.

The expert commission consisted of scientists and teachers of LETI, as well as representatives of strategic partners of the university. The jury members evaluated the projects according to the following criteria: relevance, novelty, technological stack, implementation plan, level of development, publication activity, implementation prospects, and intellectual property protection.

“Participation in the competition allows students involved in research projects to turn their ideas into reality. For LETI, it creates a field of projects for commercialization. We all know that applied science must be effective in terms of practical application. The mission of this competition is to help young researchers go from knowledge gained in a lab to presenting the product to a potential consumer.”

Boris Novikov, Director of the Technology Transfer Center at LETI
According to the results of the application assessment by the commission of the Academic Council, 20 projects won the competitive selection. Three projects will receive funding of 2 million rubles, nine projects will receive 800 thousand rubles, three projects will receive 600 thousand rubles, and five projects will receive 400 thousand rubles.