LETI: LETI Establishes Technology Transfer Center

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation announced the results of the grant competition for the creation and development of technology transfer centers. Universities and research institutes of the country submitted a total of 49 applications. St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” is among the 18 winners.

The creation of the center will make it possible to build infrastructure to efficiently commercialize the technologies developed at LETI and third-party institutions. It is expected that by 2025, the income received from managing the intellectual rights of both the university and partner organizations will be at least half a billion rubles. LETI plans to attract at least 40 organizations as clients of the center and assist in developing a backbone network for technology transfer between partners.

The LETI’s Technology Transfer Center will specialize in research and innovation projects in radioelectronics, ICT, AI in medicine, electrical engineering, and biomedical engineering. The сenter will target support to developments of students and young scientists aimed at improving the quality of life.

The project funding amounts to 100 million rubles for the period until 2025.

“As the global practice shows, a technology transfer center at the university is an effective tool for enhancing innovative research, which stimulates interaction between the university and enterprises of the real economy and opens up new opportunities for scientific development,” commented Viktor Tupik, Vice-Rector for Research at LETI.

“Over the past 30 years, LETI has accumulated tremendous experience in innovative research. The university has an advanced infrastructure, enthusiastic young people, and a high technological potential, which allows us to count on the successful future of the Technology Transfer Center.”

Viktor Tupik, Vice-Rector for Research at LETI

LETI has the necessary groundwork for creating a Technology Transfer Center. The university’s departments have experienced employees who specialize in supporting the commercialization. LETI has policies and regulations for intellectual property. The university has experience in implementing innovative projects and training in tech entrepreneurship. Between 2015 and 2021, 165 patents were registered in the name of LETI, including 1 US patent and 1 European patent.

As part of the Strategic Partnership program, which the university has been implementing for over 15 years, LETI collaborates with more than 50 major enterprises and actively participates in the cluster cooperation of leading universities and research institutes. More than 10 projects with a total volume of about 3 billion rubles were implemented within the Russian Government Decree № 218 in 2010-2020. Since 2021, LETI has been a member of the National Association for Technology Transfer.

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